The Long Winter Painting Challenge - December and January



Our December/January Painting Challenge is about to begin.


Winter's icy grip has seized the land, It's breath chills, filling hearts with fear of the cold. During such a time one might imagine Frost Trolls, White Dragons, or Ice Spiders ridden by Wights to be the foe, but in reality this foe you face is the dreaded Nightmare Dragon. It plays upon your fears and worries, amplifying them until you cannot act, react, or defend yourself against it's spear like talons. To defeat such a beast you will require the services of a might hero or some erstwhile singular being to stand against the beast.
The Challenge - Paint a Nightmare Dragon and a singular champion to fight against it. The models must be fully painted and based on the same base. 
Your entry nets you the Nightmare Dragon Model, and you may use any figure of your choice to be the singular foe the dragon wil face. This model should be in the 25mm - 32mm scales, and shouldn't be monstrous in any way.
First Place : $75
Second Place : $50
Third Place $35
If we get three 16 and Under entries we will hold a separate winner for them, otherwise they can duke it out with their elders.
The challenge will be mainly graded on overall incorporation of the colour, shading, drybrushing, and highlighting, use of basing materials, and posing.
The contest ends January 30th at 9pm, with results being revealed the following day on January 31st.
Any figures not claimed by the end of Saturday February 3rd will be given away
Tickets Can be found here :

Blood Bowl 2023 Fall Into Winter Advanced League


Join the FB Group to get organized with the event.

Full League Rules can be found in the Gauntlet Games House Blood Bowl Facebook Group here :



The Finals are upon us! The Ultimate Game of the Fall Into Winter League !
Fighting for 1st Place are :
Trying to determine 3rd and 4th Team Placements are :
The best of the rest are matched as follows :
Coach Cody White vs Coach Ian Alexander
After this week totals will be totaled and all trophies awarded and winners posted. Best of luck Coaches!

Be sure to keep you mind on all the other achievements to win this league even if you not in the top 4!

One player from each roster this year will end up in the House Star Player List. At the end of the League please send League Commissioner Nathan Patten the details.

Please email photos of your painted team to the League Commissioner as well to be entered into the Best Kit Award. 

Bits and Mortar RPG PDF Program


Gauntlet Games is happy to announce that we are now able to participate in the Bits and Mortar program put on by many RPG publishers.

When you buy a physical copy of a book printed by one of the publishers, we can enter your email and have a download link for a PDF of the same book made available to you.

Please go to : for more details.

The list of all participating publishers is there. Chaosium, Cubicle 7, Evil Hat, R Talsorian Games, and many many more.

If you have recently purchased a book from us that qualifies please direct your messages to us via Facebook or and we can submit your info for a link.