Bits and Mortar RPG PDF Program


Gauntlet Games is happy to announce that we are now able to participate in the Bits and Mortar program put on by many RPG publishers.

When you buy a physical copy of a book printed by one of the publishers, we can enter your email and have a download link for a PDF of the same book made available to you.

Please go to : for more details.

The list of all participating publishers is there. Chaosium, Cubicle 7, Evil Hat, R Talsorian Games, and many many more.

If you have recently purchased a book from us that qualifies please direct your messages to us via Facebook or and we can submit your info for a link.

April Painting Competition

Our April Paint Event is about to begin.
Rowan and Wil Kenrith have been hopping planes and having adventures for most of their youth. They are planewalkers, spellcasters, fire and ice made manifest.
Running from April 3rd until April 30th you will have that stretch of time to enlist and paint your copy of Rowan and Wil Kenrith, and base them dynamically on any base size of your choosing. The theme of this event is fire and ice and your basing scheme should incorporate those themes. How so ? Well that's up to you.
Top Prize is $50
Runner Up $25
If we get three 16 and Under entries we will hold a separate winner for them, otherwise they can duke it out with their elders.
You must paint both figures fully and incorporate them onto a diorama base (your choice of materials and size) and fully base it as well, theme to Fire and Ice.
Any figures not claimed by the end of Sunday May 7th will be given away
Tickets can be purchased here :

Gauntlet Games All-Star Spring Blood Bowl League

Current Blood Bowl All Star League Standings



Coach Paid Team Name Wins Losses Draws Total TD's Casualties Fouled Injuries Kills All Star SPP's LP So Far
Ken Dobbie  y The Horny Woolies 4 3     1 9 15 1 1 12   26
Nathan Patten y Coastal Conclave/Caranthir 1 6 1 8 8 2 2 8   12
Brodie Cawdell   Butcher Bay Beer Boys 1 6 1 10 10 2 0 19   16
Franics Michaud    The College of Magic 7 0 1 10 10      0   0 7   36
Ryan Czech y The Scaronto Terrornauts 6 0 1 13 14 1    0 8   35
Arash Tehrani y The Cragtoof Krumpa's 2 5     1 5 15 5   0 4   18
Dave Brereton y Norse b Norsen 3 4     0 7 15 4   1 9   22
Brandon Debus y The Brasswings Bombers 6 2     0 11 9 4   19   29
Derek Walton y  The Predators 4 4     0 12 15 3    0 12   28
Steven Hudson    Shawnigan Shenanigans 2 6     0 5 14      -    1  0   17



Week Nine has arrived, the final week, the Ultimate Match.
Pairings are here. Winners and Final Results will be declared on Sunday June 4th at 7pm.
Week Nine All Star League Matches
Coach Francis Michaud vs Coach Brandon Davis (Debus)
Coach Ken Dobbie vs Coach Brodie Cawdell
Coach Ryan Czech (email only) vs Coach Nathan Patten
Coach Steven Hudson vs Coach David Brereton
Coach Arash Kamangir (Tehrani) vs Coach Derek Walton
You have until Saturday June 3rd to submit a picture of your painted team, any painted star players that match your teams scheme, and your sideline staff to qualify for the extra League Points. Directly email or message them to Nathan Patten

Join of FB Communication Group here, all updates will be noted there :

Weekly matches begin the week of April 2nd 2023!


Tickets can be found here : 

Blood Bowl All Star Spring League

April 2nd - June 6th


Beginning April 2nd Gauntlet Games is happy to announce the beginning of our next Blood Bowl League, the “All Star Spring” League.

There is no pre-amble, we will start right out of the gate. Simply sign up and pay your League Fee to join the league.

On the Night of Saturday April 1st (and each following Saturday evening), the League Commissioner will post assigned matches for the week.

Some tables will be reserved on Tuesday Nights for game play, which you must state you will be using. You will be able to book a table at Gauntlet Games and play your match at another time during that week if you are not free Tuesday. Beware though, as most days are extremely busy or are blacked out entirely. All matches must be played on the Nuffle-Blessed Soil of Gauntlet Games.

After or between Scheduled matches League Coaches are permitted to play Friendly Games, which do not count towards League Standings but will allow you to earn precious Star Player Points and krump some humies.

The Final Day of Gathering and Games will be held Sunday June 6th. 

Points will be tallied and final games may be played on that day. Prizes will be handed out at 9pm, as well as Votes Cast for the Nuffle’s Choice Award. Pizza will be brought in that evening as well.


We will be granting prizes for :

- League Champion (1st Place)

- Runner-Up (2nd Place)

- 3rd and 4th Place Finalists

- Best Kit in-Show (Best Painted)

- Greatest Scoring Team (Most Touch Downs Scored)

- Strong Arms and Broken Bones (Team That Caused the Most Successful Injuries)

- Sneakiest Gitz’ses (Team That Caused the Most Fouls That Cause Injuries)

- Most Bloodthirsty (Team that caused the Most Kills, enemy and friendly)

- Nuffle's Choice (Favourite Coach, Voted by Participants)


Blood Bowl All Star Spring 2022 Season League Rules

Rules Documents Used:

• Blood Bowl 2020

• Current Blood Bowl Errata for Blood Bowl 2020 (Season 2)

• Official Teams of Legends Document › ...PDFTEAMS OF LEGEND - Warhammer Community

• NAF Approved Teams

• Formerly Approved NAF Teams (Daemons of Khorne etc)

Spike Journals

**We will not be using Special Play cards for this league**

Models Allowed:

• All GW Blood Bowl (new and old, Forge World as well)

• Kit bashed Figures from GW Base Models

• Third Party Models that appropriately represent Blood Bowl Models

Useful Sites:


Team Creation Rules

  • Build a Team at 1,000,000 Gold.

  • Earn Star Player Points as per normal rules, and MVP's.

  • You may enter more than one team, and play more than one match (max 2).

  • Matches are timed to 3 hours. If time is reached, finish the current turn if the Second player is taking their turn, if the First player is taking their turn, another turn occurs for the Second player before the match ends.

  • All models on your Team should have a matching number on their Base as their team roster.

  • After completing your standard build. You will note a separate Funds tally labelled “All Star Fund”. Add $400,000 to it. You may utilize these funds to recruit any legal Star Players to your team and to pay their upkeep (you may also “add in funds” from your main Treasury if need to pay costs). You may have up to 3 Star Players on your list.

  • You are required to purchase atleast 1 Star Player for your Roster.


House Rules

Injury Adjustment - Players earn SPP for Injuries caused via Fouls (even if ejected).

Friendly Fire Mode Engaged - Players earn SPP for Injuries caused to their own Teammates. A player who kills their own Teammate during a Block gains the new Infamy Trait.

Tier 2 Teams may make one Prayer to Nuffle Roll for Free when matched against a Tier 1 Team.

Tier 3 Teams may make one Prayer to Nuffle Roll for Free when matched against a Tier 2 Team, or make two Prayer to Nuffle Rolls for Free when matched against a Tier 1 team.

Nuffles’ Day is Tuesday! – Any team that play on the Nuffles’ Chosen day (Tuesday) receive one free Team Reroll (which does not refresh at Halftime).

New Trait - Infamy! Players who gain the Infamy Trait grant any player who Injures them a +1 SPP Bonus. If they are killed by a player it is a +5 SPP Bonus.

Botched Rolls - If a roll is botched, cocked, or dropped, all dice in the roll must be rerolled.

Special Star Player on your Roster Rules

  • You may have up to 3 Star Players on your Roster. They must be from legal picks, or from the House Gauntlet Star Roster (which are available to all teams).

  • Star Players do not spend SPP’s they earn during matches. Your Team receives additional League Points based on the total SPP’s Star Players earn during each match.

  • If a player Kills a Star Player, they earn 10 SPP’s and the new Trait - Infamy


  • At the beginning of each scheduled match perform the following in order before other game requirements, 

  • 1) Determine the Starting Team before all other game requirements. 

  • 2) Starting with the Receiving Team you will select up to Two of your Star Players to be present for your match. 

  • 3) You roll 1d3x$10K for each player and spend that from your Treasury and/or All-Star Fund. 

  • 4) The Kicking player performs process 2) and 3). 

  • 5) If the Kicking Team chooses the same Star Player as the Receiving Team each Coach secretly noted down an amount of money drawn from the Team Treasury and/or All Star Fund and reveals it. The coach with the highest amount noted, may play with the selected Star Player and the other coach cannot. That coach is refund all funds spent that match on recruiting and bidding on the Star Player and receives 1 Extra Team Re-Roll. 

  • 6) Star Players all have a value of $200.000 when determing Team Value at the beginning of a match.

  • 7) Each Team an additional Fan in Attendance for each Star Player present on their roster.

League Point Changes

League Scoring as page 98.

No Shows net -3 League points for the match.

You receive +10 League Points at the end of the League if your Team is fully painted and fully based.

You receive +2 League Points at the end of the League if your Star Players are painted in the same scheme as the rest of your team.

You receive +1 League Point for each week of participation (award during that week’s scheduled match), even if your opponent does not show up for the match.

You receive +1 League Point for every 4 SPP’s a Star