Marvel Crisis Protocol Meetup

Date: Wednesday, September 28
Time: 6pm
Are you looking for other Marvel Crisis Protocol Players? Come join us for some casual games!
Participants will need to bring characters, Tactics, Crisis cards, and any tools needed to play (we recommend bringing a list of 10 characters, 10 Team Tactics cards, 3 Secure Crisis cards, and 3 Extraction Crisis cards).
Any additional terrain is also appreciated.

Blood Bowl League

Blood Bowl Eleven-Eleven League
Sept 11th - Dec 11th
Beginning September 11th Gauntlet Games is happy to announce the beginning of our next Blood Bowl League, the “Eleven-Eleven” League, named such because it runs from an 11th day and ends on an 11th day.
There is no pre-amble, we will start right out of the gate. Simply sign up and pay your League Fee to join the league.
On the Night of Saturday September 10th, and each following Saturday Night, the League Commissioner will post assigned matches for the week.
Tables will be reserved on Tuesday Nights for game play, however you will be able to book a table at Gauntlet Games and play your match at any time during the week (Beware, some days are busier than others or are blacked out entirely), all matches must be played on the Nuffle-Blessed Soil of Gauntlet Games.
After or between Scheduled matches League Coaches are permitted to play Friendly Games, which do not count towards League Standings but will allow you to earn precious Star Player Points and krump some humies.
The Final Day of Gathering and Games will be held Sunday December 11th. Points will be tallied by 5pm sharp, and final games may be played before then. Anyone can book to play anyone on that day, there will be no pairings. Prizes will be handed out at 5pm, as well as Votes Cast for the Nuffle’s Choice Award. Pizza will be brought in that day as well.
We will be granting prizes for :
- League Champion (1st Place)
- Runner-Up (2nd Place)
- 3rd and 4th Place Finalists
- Best Kit in-Show (Best Painted)
- Greatest Scoring Team (Most Touch Downs Scored)
- Strong Arms and Broken Bones (Team That Caused the Most Successful Injuries)
- Sneakiest Gitz’ses (Team That Caused the Most Fouls That Cause Injuries)
- Nuffle's Choice (Favourite Coach, Voted by Participants)
Entry Fee: $15 per team (yes you can enter additional teams)
Blood Bowl Eleven-Eleven 2022 Season League Rules
Rules Documents Used:
• Blood Bowl 2020
• Current Blood Bowl Errata for Blood Bowl 2020 (Season 2)
• Official Teams of Legends Document › ...PDFTEAMS OF LEGEND - Warhammer Community
• NAF Approved Teams
• Formerly Approved NAF Teams (Daemons of Khorne etc)
Spike Journals
**We will not be using Special Play cards for this league**
Models Allowed:
• All GW Blood Bowl (new and old, Forge World as well)
• Kit bashed Figures from GW Base Models
• Third Party Models that appropriately represent Blood Bowl Models
Useful Sites:
Team Creation Rules and House Rules:
Build a Team at 1,150,000 Gold.
Earn Star Player Points as per normal rules, and MVP's.
You may enter more than one team, and play more than one match (max 2).
Matches are timed to 3 hours. If time is reached, finish the current turn if the Second player is taking their turn, if the First player is taking their turn, another turn occurs for the Second player before the match ends.
All models on your Team should have a matching number on their Base as their team roster.
Star Players can be used in this league. There is even a Special Gauntlet Games Star Player List from our Previous League which will be posted at the start of the league, which all teams may choose from.
House Rules
Players earn SPP for Injuries caused via Fouls (even if ejected).
Tier 2 Teams may make one Prayer to Nuffle Roll for Free when matched against a Tier 1 Team.
Tier 3 Teams may make one Prayer to Nuffle Roll for Free when matched against a Tier 2 Team, or make two Prayer to Nuffle Rolls for Free when matched against a Tier 1 team.
Nuffles’ Day is Tuesday! – Any team that play on the Nuffles’ Chosen day (Tuesday) receive one free Team Reroll (which does not refresh at Halftime).
October is the Month of Chaos! – Each Coach Rolls randomly for a player on their roster. They receive a random Monstrous Mutation. Repeat this at the beginning of each week of October (2nd,9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th). The player value will increase 10k for each such roll, (cumulative if they receive additional mutations, for each mutation).
The Monstrous Mutation Table will be posted for October, and is not the same as printed in the Core Rules. Expect surprises.
League Point Changes
League Scoring as page 98.
No Shows net -3 League points for the absent players.
You receive +10 League Points at the end of the League if your Team is fully painted and fully based.
You receive +1 League Point for each week of participation (award during that week’s scheduled match), even if your opponent does not show up for the match.
You receive +1 League Point (to a maximum of +5) per model, at the end of the League, if you represent extra positional models such as a Coach, Assistant Coach, Cheerleaders, Apothecary, Wizard, Referee etc. Such models should be themed to your team, possibly kit-bashed.

Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Campaign

Gauntlet Games is hosting an Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Campaign. This event is for new and experienced players and is a good opportunity to start a new faction or grow your existing force.
We will use the Path to Glory rules found in the Core Book on pages 302-323 and 328-335. Players may also use their faction specific Path to Glory rules found in their 3rd edition Battletome. We will only use the Core Book Battlepack.
All games must be played in store against other participants.
This will be a 12 week campaign using the following point limits:
Sept 12 to Oct 9 - 600 pts Vanguard
Oct 10 to Nov 6 - 1000 pts Warband
Nov 7 to Dec 4 - 1500 pts Brigade
Entry: $10
Prizes will be in store credit and awarded for:
-Most games played
-Most major victories
-Most Hero units slain
-Highest total Renown Points remaining at the end of the campaign
**RAFFLE PRIZE** All participants who have at least 1500 points fully painted by Dec 4th and play at least 4 games will be entered to win a copy of Warcry: Heart of Ghur! Models DO NOT need to be painted during the campaign to be eligible.